How to Ensure the Successful Sale of Your Home

Everyone has heard about how ?bad? the market is in real estate. One of the reasons for this is because sellers are not doing enough to attract the buyers to buy. Here are some tips that you can do to ensure you successfully sell your home.

Audit your agent?s online marketing

The majority of buyers begin their house searching online. They also will not think about coming to view the home if its online listings are not sufficiently compelling. Ensure you put up lots of pictures of your home. Buyers want to get a good idea of what they are looking for before they come to view it.

Let your neighbors select their neighbors

If you are part of your neighborhood?s email listings or message boards then send your neighbors a link to your home?s online listing. You should also invite them to your open house. Having your neighbors over creates chances for them to sell the neighborhood to potential buyers. Your neighbors may also invite house hunters they are familiar with who have wanted to stay in the neighborhood.

Get a competitive edge with a condition

Several real estate markets have their competition in low-priced foreclosures and short sales. This makes it difficult for you as a personal homeowner to compete on that level. Your only option is to compete on condition. Think about having a pest inspection before listing your home as well as completing as many repairs possible.

Stage your home?s exterior as well

Give the outside of your home a fresh coat of paint and amazing landscaping. You can even set up outdoor furniture to give buyers a view of how outdoor entertainment and spending time outside can be fun.

Access is important

It is very difficult to sell a home that does not get shown. Several foreclosures and short sales listings are not occupied meaning they can be shown at any time. Try to simplify the work for agents to get clients into your home. Be as flexible as possible so that they are not limited to only appointments in advance or restricted time frames.

Be realistic with your pricing

Buyers are well informed about on comparing sales with the area which greatly affects the fair market value of your home. The buyers are also aware that they are in charge. To make your home more competitive, find out the sales price of a few comparable houses to yours which have recently been sold and try to set your listing price slightly lower than them. The homes that seem to be amazing deals usually get the highest number of visits from buyers and may in some cases get several offers.

Stay informed on your competition

Work with your broker or agent to understand the price, kind of sale and state of the other homes competing with yours. Go to some of the open homes nearby as well. You should be aware that potential buyers will check both your home as well as others. Ensure the comparison made results in your home coming out on top.


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