How to Spot Trends in Real Estate

The people who steadily make money in real estate have a great understanding of the market. These people know the various locations and their history, the developments that are underway and those being planned as well as the infrastructure. They are well informed on the places that may be ideal for investing in real estate. Staying two steps in front of the competition in real estate means you must do your research well. For someone new to real estate, it might be intimidating. We want to give you tips that will help you spot the trends early on.

Look for a Catalyst

One indication that an area is on the rise and that it will be appealing in the future is the development of new infrastructure. Once you spot new roads and schools under construction, it is an indication that the community is preparing for a growth spurt. It is very beneficial and profitable to invest in a community which is growing. Furthermore, specific kinds of developments such as new shopping centers could be highly desirable to homebuyers and may assist in keeping the tax base low.

Identifying new developments may be as simple as looking out your window as a driving. Indications of land clearing, surveying or the start of construction in and around major roadways are clear giveaways. You can also spot widening of traffic lanes, installation of turnaround lanes and setting up of new traffic lights. These all point towards an expected increase in traffic flow. You can also consult your local government or contact road and building departments. They should be informed of any significant projects scheduled to start within the region. Real estate agents may also be aware of the new projects which are about to kick off.

Study Tax Alternatives

If a town has high property tax or steadily increasing property tax and the town next to it has low property tax then the town with the lower taxes will normally have a greater demand. Real estate agents or brokers may assist you find out the areas that have the best and worst tax structures. You may also contact a local tax assessor for a specific region to disclose the amount the town charges in taxes for its buildings. You should also find out the last time the region was assessed by the township. If reassessment is meant to occur in the near future then property tax may rise.

Also, keep an eye on towns and communities that are becoming overcrowded. Indications may be inferior roadways or academic institutions filled to capacity. If the local government lacks the capability to cater for all these people then there could be inadequate amenities. People will opt to move out of that are and look for better places to live. Alternatively, the local government may need to carry out some major constructions to cater for the large number of people. To pay for the construction, it will need tax dollars to fund it.


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