Top Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

Before making an offer on a house you are interested in, it is important to ask some key questions. Although the answers might put you off or make you think twice about how much you are willing to offer, they may give you more confidence that you are making the correct choice on the right house. As you get ready to buy a home, here are some key questions you should ask.

What is the home?s sales history?

You need to know the last time the house was sold and the amount that the previous owners paid for it. The previous sale price can give you an idea of what the sellers could expect from you. However, the house?s real market value also depends on other factors such as the rate of other comparable homes at the moment.

Did the sellers make any considerable renovations or additions?

You want to know whether the sellers have overhauled the kitchen, completed the basement, taken down a wall or something similar. Additionally, you should also check the receipts from contractors to get a rough idea of how much the sellers paid for the changes. It will give you an estimate of how much the sellers have invested in the home and how much they may want to get back.

What are the monthly maintenance and utility costs?

You need to discover whether there is some kind of homeowner?s association fee. You should also learn the type of power the home uses such as electric, gas, oil or more than one as well as the standard monthly bill for each one. Ask about any other utility costs which are relevant such as water and waste disposal.

Has there ever been a pest infection?

If an infestation did occur, you must inquire whether the proper pest control measures were taken. It does not imply that the home is pest-free when you are buying but it is an ideal place to begin learning about the history.? You can include a pest treatment fee in your offer.

Do the appliances have warranties?

If the appliances such as the garage door and HVAC system have warranties, you should request for their documentation. The information will let you know the age of the appliances, when they should be replaced as well as the cost of replacement.

Does the home have any unusual history?

In several areas, the home owners are legally obligated to state whether a death or major crime has happened not too long ago on the premises. Aside from these, there are other conditions you should be informed about as well. Some of these circumstances include whether someone famous lived in the home as well as whether the home was used in a TV production. If any of these did happen, you may have to handle fans occasionally visiting or driving by anytime. If the house has been haunted in the past as well as the other conditions mentioned above, you can use them to give yourself some more negotiating room when making your offer.


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