10 Tips For The Big Move

After deciding on the perfect location,?it?s?now?time for the big move. When planning for your upcoming move,?it is important not to overlook even the seemingly small tasks that can make a big difference in facilitating a low-stress move and avoiding major hiccups.?The?checklist?below?will help?you on your way to?a seamless move.?

  1. Create a budget for all your moving expenses before getting started. Consider what resources you have and?assess whether hiring movers will be necessary. Determine?if home repairs will be needed, and?the?general costs?associated with moving materials?and?the appropriate?equipment?needed?before the anticipated move out date.??
  1. Make sure that your moving company is licensed and insured by verifying their?DOT?number. This ensures that your belongings will be properly cared for and?protected?during the move. Be aware that not all?moving companies?are qualified to move?fragile or?larger items.??Those items?may require hiring?specialty movers.??
  1. Address minor home repairs like cleaning the carpets or repainting the walls?and taking care of minor touch ups. This should be of particular interest to renters given the need to?return?the?rented property?to the owner in the same condition they received it, and to homeowners who are handing over their home to the new buyers.? If there are damages caused during the move out of the home the new buyers could require the sellers to correct those damages, so may as well handle them before they become a problem.??
  1. Be sure to service your vehicles ahead of time?if you?re driving long distance or out of state.? Servicing your vehicle?could prevent?unpredicted breakdowns which can?save you?money and prevent?potential stress and anguish?in an already stressful time.??
  1. Before?hitting the road?label your boxes?and use color coded labels to indicate which rooms?each box belongs to.?This will save you time on the back end of your move,?and?help the movers take the right boxes to the right rooms, so that once the move is complete, you are not left moving heavy boxes from one room to the other.???
  1. Measure the space?of your new home?ahead of time to ensure all your furniture and belongings?will be able to comfortably fit in the space.?
  1. To dispose of miscellaneous and unwanted items that you plan on leaving behind, have a garage sale?or make a goodwill donation.?
  1. Make arrangements for a babysitter or pet sitter during the move to keep kids and pets safe and out of the way during the move.??
  1. Be sure to have your?mail forwarded?to your new address and update your?voter registration?accordingly. Update billing information on your bank cards, checks, and remember to shut off utilities and services you will no longer need at your new residence.?
  2. Take a deep breathe and remember this is a process and not an event.? It takes time to move out and get situated in your new place.? Don?t over do it.? Find a comfortable pace that works for you and the family?and stick to it.?

The moving process doesn?t have to be overly stressful if you plan it right.? Be sure to schedule the planning process?well?in advance, and use these 10 steps as a guide to assist you along the way.? Make sure to get the right help and don?t be afraid to ask for an extra hand from friends and family.???Moving into a new home is a time to begin a new?chapter of your life and create new and lasting memories.? Be sure to take it all in and enjoy the journey.????


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