Move like a Pro

Moving to a new home, no matter how close or far, is always a stressful experience, regardless of how many times you’ve been through it. There’s so much planning to do that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Then there’s the unknown, the fear that something will go wrong, belongings will be lost or broken, or you won’t have enough help to get through it all. In most cases, it’s probably best to go with a professional mover unless you happen to have your own moving truck and lots of sturdy moving equipment. There are just too many advantages to letting the pros handle it. You’ll have more than enough to contend with, given all the cleaning, packing, decluttering, and final logistical arrangements to be made.


Some people prefer to box everything up themselves, either because they feel safer handling their own belongings or because they’re trying to save money. In general, when amateurs pack their own stuff, they wind up overspending and making inefficient use of boxes and packing material. Movers have both the training and experience to pack quickly and make the most efficient use of space. Movers can handle a packing job in a few days, while you could end up taking weeks to get it all packed up and ready to go.

In Good Hands

Professional movers are also well-practiced at safeguarding customers’ precious and fragile items with heavy-duty wrapping material and packing tape. That means not only packaging but loading and unloading them safely come moving day, which means they probably can handle it more safely and effectively than you could. In case you’re still iffy about the idea of your Tiffany lamps and antique mirrors being handled by rough hands and muscular arms, bear in mind that all of your belongings are insured.

 Tools of the Trade

Moving is about more than boxing, packing, and loading/unloading. You need the tools of the trade to make everything go smoothly. That means two-wheel and four-wheel dollies (which you can buy on Amazon for $39.99), as well as sturdy metal ramps and hoisting straps. The better the tools, the better the move will go. If you’d rather not purchase the tools needed to facilitate the move, look for a moving company that offers everything for one inclusive price.


In general, moving companies provide estimates based on mileage or the nature of the moving service being provided (for example, if it includes storage as well as moving). Obviously, a local crosstown move will produce a lower estimate than if you’re heading out of state. Shop around, and always meet with a representative who knows what services will be required and what they’ll cost before signing on the dotted line. In Irvine, you’ll likely pay $69 to $120 per hour for two movers after a two-hour period.

Storage Facilities

A long-distance move usually requires special services and considerations. For example, if you arrive at your destination later than expected and, for some reason, you can’t get into the house or apartment, the moving company will store your belongings in a special storage space for the short or long term. That way, you don’t have to worry about your stuff sitting in the back of a truck or getting broken into. 

Packing up everything you own, loading it, and hauling it to a new and unfamiliar area is enough to give most people butterflies in their stomachs. If you have an entire household to move, lack equipment, and don’t have time to handle it all yourself, a professional moving company is a more convenient option than risking going it alone. Plan ahead so you have time to get enough estimates.


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